“True motivation comes from achievement, personal development, job satisfaction, and recognition.”

Frederick Herzberg


can i buy Lyrica online The message is simple – help your employees do their best work and you’ll ensure you are getting the best.

buy Pregabalin powder In today’s world of work, most organizations have the standard model for personnel management through their human resource department. There’s paid time off, employee evaluations, training, professional development, and various incentives.

As the modern workplace evolves and becomes more advanced and competitive it is indeed a necessity.

Interestingly, with all these mechanisms in place research continues to indicate that burnout and professional fatigue are still on the rise. Something that has been shown to make for a costly workforce with low performance and productivity.

So, what are we doing wrong? How do you know your personnel program and organization is bringing out the best in its employees?

As the ancient Greek maxim “know thyself” implies, awareness is key to understanding.

Understanding what motivates people to do their best work can help in recruitment, placement, and hiring decisions as well as retention, ongoing evaluations, and optimizing the workplace environment. As research consistently demonstrates, a valued and engaged workforce are key ingredients to high performance and productivity.

If you are only evaluating your workforce by output and human resource protocols you may be missing out on valuable talent, or worse, compromising the integrity of your operations, reputation of your organization, and ultimately impacting your bottom line.