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People and information are the most important elements of the world of work. Both can make or break an organization. Understanding how those operate in the workplace should then be a part of every organization’s risk management strategy.

Research continues to demonstrate an increase in burnout and workplace conflict which means there is no time like the present to learn about your organization’s health status.

As an organizational psychologist and counselor, my interest is in helping organizations understand how structure, personnel, information, and process, impact movement towards goals to help create healthy workplace environments where employees can do their best work.

Whether you are the leader of an organization, managing a department, chairing a committee, or a professional considering a change, we can provide confidential consultation to evaluate current strengths, gaps, barriers, and explore solutions for positive change.

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Maximize Operations

Assessment of internal operations with an emphasis on personnel, strengths and barriers in structure design, application of human capital for achieving organizational goals, workload and job design inventory, workforce efficiency, productivity, process, and creating a healthy workplace environment.

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Discover Employee Potential

Assessment of human resources and feedback systems, personnel risk management, empowering employees, engagement, person-job fit, workload inventory, professional development and training, competency analysis, performance evaluation, accountability in supervision, mentoring, job orientation, job satisfaction.


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Professionals In The Workplace

Managing workplace stress, identifying and overcoming burn out, navigating new roles and responsibilities, job coaching, career and job placement fit, understanding personality and learning styles, job satisfaction, accountability in supervision, conflict management, organization and prioritization.

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